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​​Christina Baal is an artist, birder/guide, and naturalist who earned a BA in Studio Art from Bard College in 2014. After graduation, she set off to fulfill her dream of seeing and drawing each of the 10,000 species of birds in the world. Her adventures have taken her across the country, from the rocky crags of Maine to the steamy swamps of Florida; to the deserts of New Mexico and the Pacific Ocean along Pacific Highway 1. Along the way, she has met hundreds of birds and countless people who share a fascination with the winged creatures that can defy geographic as well as cultural boundaries. 

Christina decided to pursue a career in environmental education to explore the relationship between art, science, people, and birds. She founded an online community gallery, "Drawing 10,000 Birds," as a common space for people to share their emotional experiences with birds. She was an artist-in-residence at Ucross, Wyoming, in 2015, and returned in 2016 to develop work for an exhibition, "The Universal Language of Birds," that opened in June of 2017. She hopes that one day, people all over the world will share their relationships with birds through art in an effort to protect these winged creatures and the entire natural world. Her home base is currently Mamaroneck, New York. 

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​Domiciano (“Domi”) Alveo was born and raised in El Valle de Antón—the lush, green crater of an extinct volcano considered by many to be the most beautiful place in Panama. But more than just a gorgeous location, El Valle hosts a fantastic array of birds. Domi's interest in birds started when he was in his early youth; he live-trapped a few birds and kept them in cages so he could appreciate them close up. He soon realized that birds needed to be free, so he released his birds and started learning to identify bird species near his home by not only how they looked, but also their calls and songs.

He started as a nature/bird guide in El Valle at the age of 14. For several years he apprenticed under the guidance of a long-time birder in El Valle, but most of what he learned was self-taught by spending years in the field. He worked for two years as a canopy zip-line instructor and nature guide. Since 2007, he worked as a bird guide in Gamboa, leading hundreds of tours of Pipeline Road, Gamboa, and other areas. His clients include scores of individuals, as well as some of the best birding companies in Panama and worldwide. Domi has spent extensive time birding in central Panama, in the western foothills, and in Darién, Panama’s easternmost province full of specialty species. Domi is familiar and confident with identification, both visually and by sound, of Panama’s birds across the country. Not only is he a top-notch birder, but also bilingual (Spanish and English), considerate, and patient, making him one of the best bird guides in Panama.

Domi is also an avid eBirder, check out his eBird profile and keep up to date with all of his recent sightings across Panama. 

When not guiding, Domi spends time scouting areas for new birding sites. He enjoys traveling with his family and taking his three daughters out birding.

Tyler McClain is a naturalist, a keen birder, and a current student at the University of Toledo, where he is working towards his Environmental Studies degree. He is passionate about connecting the youth to nature, through various programs he is involved with, such as  his current internship with AmeriCorps. This program connects him, with local youth in various science programs, including nature camps on multiple islands of Lake Erie. In addition to this project, Tyler is passionately involved in a program geared towards establishing pollinator habitats, within Kelleys Island. Tyler has also volunteered at a Carey, Ohio bird banding station since the age of seven, which is where he began to understand and learn birds and their ecology.

Tyler is a fun, reliable and trustworthy guide, who has transformed from a talented young birder, to a mentor for young birders. He’s also led field trips for the Black Swamp Bird Observatory since 2016, including festival trips for the Biggest Week in American Birding. In his free time, Tyler enjoys birding, fishing, herping, and nature photography. He hopes to guide you on your next adventure!

Angel Abreu is a bilingual educator and naturalist, professional birding guide and mentor to young birders. He was raised in Miami, Florida, by Cuban parents who encouraged outdoor exploration. His love of nature came from the waters that surrounded Florida--the ocean provided a getaway from the busy metropolis of Miami, and it’s where he had his first experiences with birds and other wildlife. From oceans to the “River of Grass,” Angel developed a strong bond for the unique flora and fauna of the Florida Everglades while working on several Everglades Restoration and species monitoring projects. This fascination with wildlife led him to a career path that he cherishes; leading tours and teaching others about culture, birds and wildlife–immersed in nature, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Angel and his wife Mariel Abreu are now leading birding tours, specializing in helping you, find and learn the birds of Florida, Cuba and beyond through their guiding service Nature is Awesome Tours www.NatureisAwesomeTours.com.  Angel is also a leader for Miami’s Tropical Audubon Society, he also guides, presents and teaches workshops at birding and wildlife festivals across the states.
Mariel Abreu is a naturalist, educator, mentor, and professional birding guide. She was raised in Miami, proud of her Cuban heritage and speaks fluent English and Spanish. Mariel is passionate about engaging young naturalists and birders with her knowledge of south Florida’s birds and wildlife. Thanks in part to her mother who always encouraged her never-ending enthusiasm and desire to learn about nature. As a child she was captivated by nature; birds, reptiles and mammals, especially big cats which fueled her interest in the natural world. Growing up in close proximity to the Florida Everglades forged an urge to learn more about the flora and fauna of the amazing ecosystem. Today she is passing on her love of the Everglades to South Florida’s youth through educational and community outreach programs. You can find her guiding and teaching workshops at birding and wildlife festivals or leading tours of Florida, Cuba and beyond through her guiding service Nature is Awesome Tours www.NatureisAwesomeTours.com. She adds a woman’s touch to her tours; expect a guide that works hard for you, a guide that is attentive with enthusiasm, and a smile that is contagious. She loves to spread her passion for all things nature, and it’s no surprise that her favorite saying is “Nature is Awesome!”